Home Field Advantage for Kids

(200 pages)

Playing at home is a real advantage to most sports teams.

Players can sleep in their own beds, drink the water they're used to, and maintain a consistent routine. The home team knows more about the field or court conditions, and the home crowd is usually larger than the visitor's crowd. It's always better to be playing at home.

This world belongs to Jesus Christ! He created it, and He died on the cross for the sins of every man, woman, and child. Though the defeat of Satan is already certain, Jesus has the "home field advantage" in the conflict of the ages. The Book of Matthew is filled with many stories about the great conflict. This book of codes, puzzles and questions will lead you through Matthew's gospel using athletic illustrations!

Do you want to sign up for God's team? This book will show you how to get started and how to enjoy His "home field advantage."


Price: $8.00

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