Power Surge

(155 pages)

Nineteen sixty-eight was the best year for the pitchers in baseball history. Don Drysdale pitched six shutouts in a row, Denny McLain won 31 games, and Bob Gibson pitched 13 shutouts and recorded a 1.12 earned run average! When the American League's leading hitter, Carl Yastremski, hit only .301 and one of every five games was a shutout, something had to change.

Something was changed. Baseball rules lowered the mound from 15 to 10 inches and the strike zone was shrunk. Baseball became a new ballgame. A "power surge" erupted and batting averages and home run totals began to escalate. We live with the results of those changes today.

The sports world is filled with powerful metaphors for Biblical truths. "Power Surge" will open your eyes to the spiritual lessons contained in the Bible. This sports devotional is based upon the Book of Acts that is a record of the "power surge" of God's Spirit in the lives of the early believers. The pure truth of God's word changed hearts and minds. The church grew exponentially. The Book of Acts has no ending! It abruptly breaks off and is still being written today.


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