God’s View from the Upper Deck

(176 pages)

"What on earth is going on?" "What is the world coming to?

Our view from the playing surface of history is muddled and confusing. It seems we're enjoying the best times in history. It seems we're suffering the most dangerous times ever seen. What will happen next?

God has not left His people without answers! Through the Apostle John, exiled into slavery on a Mediterranean island, the Almighty sent a message from the "Upper Deck!" It's a message of hope for believers in the Lord Jesus Christ and a message of hopelessness for His enemies!

From the awesome appearance of Jesus Christ (Chapter 1) through His "signals" to the churches (Chapter 2-3), to the terrible time of The Great Tribulation on earth (Chapters 4-18) and Jesus coming in great power and glory (Chapter 19) to establish His eternal rule (Chapters 20-22), God has revealed the future in great detail.

Jesus wins! And all who put their trust in His blood to save them win with Him! the future of Satan and his followers is in the Lake of Fire, but our future includes a new Heaven and a New Earth where only righteousness dwells!

As you observe the future from God's "Upper Deck," may His word inspire you to greater commitment ot the Savior who died for the sins of the world!


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