(128 pages)

An avalanche can cause tremendous loss of life and property. Entire villages have been burried under tons of snow from mountain slopes. Most never recover.

For an individual or a nation, the slopes of life can be as hazardous as any mountain of ice. Ignorance, neglect, doubt, and unbelief of God, His Word, and His creative genius began the slide into the self-worshipping humanism common in America today. Purposelessness was not far behind. We must stop this slide before it is too late!

God's patience always has a limit. Yet, today He has provided a way of escape. He calls it "repentance," which means "to turn around." This book will help you avoid or recover from an avalanche of personal problems as you learn to study, believe, and obey Scripture. It exposes the foundational lie of evolution that fuels humanity's denial of God as Creator and Sustainer of His universe. Most of all, it will help you to rediscover purpose!


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